Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Family Gallery Now up

The Family and Children's Photography area now has a gallery of images from this Spring and Summer.
Go to to see.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Senior Portrait Season is coming...

This year's Juniors are next years Seniors. The class of '06 is almost upon us! And it's time to start thinking about Senior Portraits.
Too many studios offer a cookie cutter approach to Senior Portraits, by doing a high volume business they sacrifice creativity and most importantly- individuality!
I limit the number of sessions I do each year so I can take the time to focus on your personality and create images of you that are TRULY you.
Attention ROWERS! 10% of your print order total will be returned to your club as a donation. As a competitive sculler and coach I know how important your sport is to you and am happy to come to your practice site to do water and boat themed portraits.
You can see more examples of work at

Monday, February 28, 2005

Children's Portrait Event March 15-19,2005

For more information, go to
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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Displaying and Caring For Your Photographs
Michelle Murphy Photography Feb. 16, 2005

Wall Display

Large Images

Determine where the image will hang
Make it the focal point of the room, arrange furniture to face the wall (e.g. over mantle)
To help determine portrait size cut paper to different standard print sizes 16x20, 20x24, 24x30, 30x40, 40x60. Tape on wall to decide overall size and balance in the room. Remember to add frame dimensions to overall measurement. A 3 inch moulding will add 6 inches to each measurement.
Consider adding spot lighting over the portrait.
Invest in a high quality frame and swap out the portraits as you have new images created over the years. You could even put a mirror in the frame later.
When selecting a frame try to compliment the image as well as blending with your décor. See if you can borrow frame corners to take home.
Don’t use glass on a large portrait. Opt for a surface treatment like canvas or other texture and request a protective lacquer spray.
Seeing images of themselves on display is a positive message to children and boosts their self-esteem


Best for smaller images or a variety of sizes
Try to create a central theme to tie the images together
Some Examples:
· Black and white photos with white mats and simple frames
· Similar or the same frame on all images
· A grouping of images from a family vacation (all beach shots)

Display options other than hanging on walls

Ledges- there are tons of these available now in different configurations and finishes. These are a great option as it’s easy to change around the items you have displayed. Try creating seasonal arrangements of photographs and objects.
Tabletop- clusters of small framed photographs in a cupboard or on a tabletop. Play with frame styles to add interest to the grouping overall as well as the images. Play with themes again. Create a wedding grouping using antique looking frames and black and white photographs. Crystal, pewter and silverplate frames all work well together.

Care of Photographs

If treated properly, photographs will last a very long time. The term “archival” is used to describe means of preserving the life of a photograph or document. In photography, a black and white photograph printed a stored properly will have a lifespan of 70 years. Color photographs lifespans are somewhat shorter as the color in a photograph is a dye and not a metal as in a black and white photo. If “scrapbooking”, only use materials which are certified as “archival”. Certain plastics used in older photo albums release gases which are harmful to the images. The rule of thumb is don’t do something you can’t undo. So be wary of glues and permanent adhesives.

Heat, light and humidity are the primary killers of photographic images. Never leave an image in direct sunlight. UV light will fade the colors in a color photograph fairly quickly. If using glass in a frame make sure to use a mat over the photograph so there is space between the image and the glass. Otherwise the image can stick to the glass. Basements and attics are the worst storage options for photographs.

“Archivers” Easton Mall source of archival supplies for scrapbooking and photographic preservation supplies

Light Impressions Catalog of archival storage and preservation supplies

Pottery Barn- Catalog including frames and ledges

Linens N Things source for ledges and frames
Exposures- Catalog of albums, frames and display ideas

Inexpensive: Target, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby

Better: Great online ordering resource

More info on preservation:

Monday, February 07, 2005

Please Show Your Support Posted by Hello

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Help G.I.S. Students Raise Funds To Aid Tsunami Victims

A team of 4th and 5th grade students are selling the popular silicone wristbands at the Granville Intermediate School to raise money for the Tsunami victims. The wristbands, which come in both adult and youth sizes, are red with the saying "Relief - Recover - Rebuild" The bands cost $2.00 each and the profits go to the International Southeast Asia Earthquake/Tsunami Relief Fund through the American Red Cross. If you are interested in purchasing a wristband, please contact Scott Emery, principal at Granville Intermediate School 740-587-8103.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Wedding Season Is Upon Us

As any recent bride can tell you, wedding vendors book up quickly and early. Do your homework, shop around, but remember- years down the road the only tangible remembrances you'll have of your wedding day is the dress (most likely hermetically sealed away in it's preservation box), your ring (now not quite as "sparkly" as it was then) and your photographs.
Don't skimp on the quality of your wedding photographs. The images you first fell in love with as you began your research through the wedding mags have somewhat faded in your mind now that you are down to the nitty gritty of interviewing photographers, deciphering contracts and haggling over packages. Stay true to your original vision. Find a photographer that creates the images you want. If they seem out of range of your budget, see what you can do to create an a la carte approach. Maybe you'll skip the album, but purchase a CD of images that you can use to create your own album. Reduce the number of hours required if the photographer hires by the hour. Be creative!
The point is, don't settle for mediocre images just because you think that's all you can afford. Use some of the tools out there to help you in your quest. Try Pictage and to start. And don't be afraid to ask a photographer if they'll be willing to "work with you".
Please visit my wedding page for more information on my pricing and packages

Florida Beach Photography

This March I'll be spending a week in the Fort Meyers area (specifically Sanibel Island). I'll be scheduling Family and Children's beach portraits in the early morning and early evening hours. Available dates are March 29- April 2. Call 740.587.2322 for specifics and availability. Future dates to be announced (most likely the first or second week in Jan.'06)